Message from Coach Bernard

Message: Feb 20, 2008  from Coach Bernard
Congratulations to all the swimmers who qualified for the State Meet. We have 26 swimmers qualified in individual events and 10 additional swimmers qualified for relays only. That’s a total of 36 swimmers, 107 state cuts and all of our relays going to the Junior Olympic in Cincinnati. For girls 10 and under and girls 11-12, we even qualified both an A and B relay. These are as much individual
accomplishments as team accomplishments. Whether you qualified or not, it is by training with one another every day that you were all able to swim so fast.
The pre-scratch entries will be posted on the board at the pool later today. The scratch deadline is March 3rd.
Swimmers having qualified for individual events and/or relays include:
Katie Allison
Katie Bell
Mara Dan-Weber
Carly Davis
Morgan DeWitt
Claudia Doyle
Madison Girardi
Abby Jank
Kelley Jiang
Cassandra Laios
Katerina Laios
Brittany McGhee
Annie Miller
Maren Reeder
Maddie Schilling
Taylor Schilling
Sara Swart
Maggie Taylor
Julia Valentine
Cat VanFarowe
Audrey Wachtel
Jackie Wachtel
Bailey Williams
KayLee Witkiewicz
Edgar Caraballo
Jesus Caraballo
George Doyle
Trenton Harper
Justin Jiang
Phil Mueller
Zach Rabold
Sam Reeder
Joel Schuster
Wesley Smith
Carson VanFarowe
Lee VanFarowe
Patrick Young
Mason Zurovchak